Jeremiah and Amanda

Jeremiah and Amanda are the husband and wife team that founded Fight the Good Fight 91.


Jeremiah is a Marine vet who has been working as a diplomatic protection specialist for the past 2 years. He has been on many combat deployments, is trained in numerous tactical areas and trauma medicine. He is currently preparing to head to Iraq to assist with a small clinic that is treating the huge number of refugees forced from their homes by “Islamic State” (formerly ISIS). He loves the Lord more than anything; following that, his family, helping others and what he can to do further the Kingdom of Heaven on earth are also his top priorities.


I am going to write my wife’s bio as well. Amanda is the most amazing, beautiful woman on earth. She is also a loving mother who has taken care of her family and supported her husband through numerous overseas deployments. She has served as a speaker, instructor and regional director for a large preparedness organization. She was also a top Muay Thai kick-boxer and instructor. She is full of compassion and generosity, which she shares with her family, friends and very often, with people she has never met before. She lives to love & serve the Lord and others.


Toby is a practicing paramedic who took time off work and headed to Iraq with a willing ready heart to serve. He is the 2nd oldest of 11 children. Toby is one of the most noble, humble, kind, loving men you will ever encounter in your life. His quick witty sparkle in his eye humor makes everything more lighthearted and fun.


Katie is the team RN. She took time off work also and she bravely headed right over. She comes from a family of 10 kids. She loves the Lord and has a kind, tender heart. She loves rock climbing, the outdoors, blessing people, and makes an awesome sister-in-law!


My wife and I are a young (early 30’s) couple with 3 young children all under 5 who desperately desire to honors the Lord’s will for us no matter the costs. Over the past 7 years, and in a state of constant refinement, our King has directed our steps to the next chapter of faith, love, humility, and dependency.


I am a Marine combat veteran, former police officer, and current Firefighter/ Paramedic with an uncompromising love for the Lord and deepest desire to watch His will for my life be played out. While burdened for the atrocities and suffering being endured in Iraq at the hands of ISIS, and in prayer for God to rise up men to STAND in the gap on behalf of them, I unequivocally was told, “Tag, you’re it!” Through much prayer and at times hesitation, I have thus resolved myself to step in, and step back, and watch what He will do in this time and in this place. Although we could never write this story of ours if we tried, we are truly blessed to be united with our brothers and sisters in Iraq through Christ and to watch the power of God be manifested throughout the land. We simply pray that the Lord would be glorified.


I am a former missionary kid who grew up in Mexico. I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and taught English for a year in Ethiopia. After returning to the U.S from Ethiopia I taught in a public school for 4 years before I met my husband and became a wife and mother. Now I am a wife and mother of 3, and love being at home with our children. Our son is 5, our daughter will turn 4 next week and our youngest son is 2. We have strived to love the Lord in the way we love each other, our children and those around us. Life has brought many hardships in our 7 years of marriage but we are more refined in our spirits and in our love and understanding of God more than ever before. We seek to honor and serve our Lord first before anything else. Our passion is to allow God to use us in any way He chooses. We are His.