Round 2 !!

Hello friends. Here is a long overdue update letter from the behind the scenes unit.
Jeremiah and I just returned from a week of almost daily meetings with our friend and huge supporter Steve Quayle. We hashed out and prayed together on what the Lord is leading. Nothing is for sure yet but after 2 weeks of praying and seeking and many dreams here is some of the promptings we feel so far. We want to share them with all of you as this is something that many of you have sown into and we need your prayers continuously.

On the ground in Iraq there are 2 team members, Toby and Katie, assisting CRI, another relief organization. We sent over $5300 today to the 2 team members for electrolytes, tourniquets, and misc supplies. Thank God for His provision!

We are working on a 2 fold plan back home. We are working on assembling a team for a 2nd deployment to deploy later this month. The main goal on our hearts is not only to give the Kurdish Army Medical kits, but to train the troops how to use them. We also hope to purchase more equipment, medical supplies and bring Essential Oils for refugees in an area they are worse off than those in major parts of the city. As we are over there serving we feel we need to take many notes and learn as much as we can so we can learn from and retain the experiential knowledge gained, especially if we are called to continue helping in this fashion for a longer period in Iraq or possibly other places of dire need.

Whether we stay for a prolonged period or this operation does extend to other areas of need, we desire to bring others in to help the cause and learn to deepen our spiritual walk and practical skills to fulfill the Isaiah 61 mandate along wtih learning to live under/walk out Psalm 91. We see many people that are either extremely skilled in tactical, medical, survival skills and other valuable practical skills etc… or they are very versed in spiritual matters. If we could choose one, your spiritual walk with the Lord IS the most important. But we believe we are entering a time where those lines are to be blurred. We need to seek the Lord as we use the gifts and tools He has blessed us with practically. All of it to be used for His Glory, every skill and training we need to do unto our King.

We are in the brainstorming stage on Part 2 and how we want to bring all of this together. We are waiting on the Lord for His ideas and direction. We appreciate all your support to futher help those being oppressed and to work with/train those willing to fight the oppressors like the amazing Peshmerga.

How you can get help:
1. The main things we can use to bring over are – Essential Oils (especially oils like Thieves, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Oregano/Hyssop, Ginger, Frankincense, Elemi etc) Companies we trust quality wise are Young Living and DoTerra, I’m sure there are more but we have researched both of those and they are excellent. Hydrocortisone creams and TRACE MINERALS electrolytes are also very important. You can ship them to Jeremiah F. 2551 East Ave S suite G-169, Palmdale, Ca 93550 and we will bring them with the next team members.
2. Prayer! Prayer is more valuable than gold to us. Please cover the refugees, the troops fighting, the captives, and the teams serving.
3. Financial Support: you can go to our donate tab above and donate via paypal or mail a check to the address listed above

Thank you all! It is an honor serving with you.

Jeremiah & Amanda

A fire is spreading…

This journal entry from when I was in the Burma jungle has been burning in me today. I feel like its for more than just the pages of my journal. We felt called to help the refugees and God has opened those doors but we did not anticipate the response in ourselves, in our homes, and in our communities. God is so much cooler than we think. He is using this to shake us up in ways we didnt expect. I wrote about this fire and call 6 years ago but only now do I feel myself letting it burn and I feel like it was written for such a time as this. I encourage you to let it burn and let it spread. The world is dark right now and it needs people on fire to light it up.

Entry # 4:

I had an awesome experience today. I went running in the pouring rain along the riverside, the Burmese mountains to my right and the Thailand mountains to my left. The rain was heavy but refreshing, the dark green mountain tops had a thick mist around them. I was looking at Burma and stopped in my tracks. I stood looking thru the rain into the jungle thinking of  all that I had just seen and learned of what happens behind the cover of the thick trees, the murder, torture, rape. I thought “Lord, please don’t call me there” Then this song came on my headphones “in the fire” is the only words I remember. At that moment I felt God saying “In the fire you will find Me”… the story of meshack, shadrack and the other guy came alive to me. I could almost see the flames craving to incinerate my flesh to ashes, burning hotter the longer they waited to throw me in. Those men denied the fear that pumped thru their veins and did not bend their knee to it. They walked into that fire fueled by their deep love for the truth and majesty of God. It was in the fire God stood beside them. As the song played on, my mind was filled with phrases, pictures, stories…God will always encourage us, speak to us, hope for us but to encounter Him, to have Him walk with you in the fire, to experience His presence like never before u have to step into the fire…my mind cant comprehend it.

Refining fire. Fire has so many amazing purposes when thought of in connection with Gods will. I am becoming fascinated with it. We are to go into the fire. God is always in the thick of the fight and He wants us near to Him. Fire sets fire to everything it touches. You and I were baptized with the Holy Spirit and with Fire. Fire is contagious, fire is engulfing, it is powerful, fierce, intense. The very word brings forth an emotion. Someone said to be on fire, is a person of passion, action, and conviction. Knowing we are the fire of the world, the light of the world is incredibly freeing for someone like me who despises the boring, rigid life religion tries to constrict people to. God always calls us into the fire to fully experience Him, to be purified-as fire purifies gold., and to be so engulfed in it that we emerge a passionate flame that burns brightly in the darkest night,  a flame so intense it sets fire to everything it touches. You in Christ are free to live on fire. Fire is pure and fierce, darkness cannot contain it or diminish it. You are to be the same in the world, deeply rooted and so filled with God that wordly ways and desires do not extinguish who you are in God, instead your life, if you fuel the fire of God, will captivate others and dance against the deepest darkness. To know that God has set us free, to live out loud our passions burning inside is exhilarating.

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of shadow and death, a light has dawned” Isa 9.2 Our very life is meant to shine into others darkness, we are to live a life that showers hope. You have the potential to shine a light on those sitting in deaths shadows. “let your light shine before others” Mt 5.16 Realizing that this fire that God sets to our life is not for us alone is sombering (I don’t think sombering is a word but it is now) yet exciting. We carry this responsibilty to keep the oil replenishing our fire so that we will have the opportunity to provide a saving light “to set those in darkness free” Is 42.

I’ve always been drawn to that verse that says to set the captives free and we can do that by living out loud, passionate, and fully alive…? Wow, what opportunity. I hope our lives of freedom in Jesus and passion will set free those living with their light constricted under a bowl of religious crap to shine and those who don’t even know any light.  We can save people and pierce satans darkness by filling our lampstand with the oil of His presence.

The voice of the Lord calls to each of us that are willing to be set on fire “whom shall I send and who will go for us” I hope you answer as Isaiah did “Here am I, send me” 6.8 and when you step into His fire you will emerge refined, purified, burning, and contagious. You will come forth as gold and open your eyes to these words “Arise, shine for your light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you…the gentiles shall come to your light and the kings to the brightness of your rising” Isaiah 60.1,3

Encouraging those on the front lines…

 God has opened up an amazing opportunity to bless the Kurdish Army so they will be helping them when invited. The team is still providing food, clothing, and medical aid to the refugees. Jeremiah was amazed at the doors God is opening, thank you all for the prayers. The team made 100 care packages and treated the soldiers who have been described as being worse off than some of the refugees with no medical aid, fatigued, and fighting alone. Here is Jeremiahs email below:

“Today, we went to give the Kurdish Peshmerga (army) aid. We showed up and the high ranking officers made us sit down for a large lunch. We felt guilty eating when there are people in such dire circumstances, but we would have offended them greatly. It is their custom to bless visitors. They explained to us that they are so grateful for us to come and help, because they really need medical aid. They said they are also VERY grateful for the US air strikes that have helped them push back ISIS they said they are not just fighting for Kurdistan, they are fighting for humanity, because ISIS is against all of humanity. “


 Please pray for the Kurdish fighters, Jeremiah was deeply moved by them and said they are fighting for all of us. They are alone on the front lines with hardly any equipment or medical aid. Many even use their own income to purchase their weapon and uniform. The kurdish army has pushed ISIS back out of a small village they took over and some refugees were able to return. Pray for them, please, they are the only ones laying down their lives on the front lives. The team attended a funeral yesterday for a Kurdish fighter who was captured by ISIS, tortured for weeks, and then murdered. 

jerkurd kur

“It’s amazing, they have opened their lands to refugees from any creed and ethnicity. Now they fight to push ISIS back from the cities they forced the refugees out of, so they can go back home. They defend themselves and the refugees who aren’t even Kurdish. They are the ones who fought to open the road and get the 40,000 Yizidis off Mt. Sinjar. I felt such a burden to help them, to really help them any way possible. I felt so guilty our country/administration could have wiped out and can wipe out ISIS completely and does the bare minimum or less. They are so noble and honorable, I felt so appreciative for their perspective and for their willingness to stand up and fight for all of us. They are warriors with strong spirits and noble character, we delivered many care packages and aid to dozens of soldiers.                                                                      They have been persecuted for years by Saddam, and now ISIS wants to destroy them and the refugees they have taken in. Many throughout history have tried to wipe them out. They have developed a warrior culture so similar to the Israelis it’s crazy, many of the commanders look and act like Benjamin Netanyahu does, such a calm confidence and air of firmness and respect. We tried to pray for and thank every soldier, but they would always thank us so much more for coming to support them and help them, it was so moving. We prayed with each one we treated, they where so open to the prayer and it blessed them. I love these men. “



It takes a lot to truly impress and move my husband, I immediately wanted to do all I could over here to rally help for them. I will post at the end what our plan of action is. 

 “It looks like they will invite us back regularly to give medical aid and they specifically requested a combat trauma class from us; what to do if your buddy gets shot…etc. Right up our alley. It will be amazing help to them to pass that knowledge on. They have guys dying from the simplest gunshot and shrapnel wounds…stuff that they shouldn’t be dying from. If they had a couple hours training, they would have lived. They are in desperate need of CAT tourniquets, if you can provide bulk shipments or get donations so we can purchase, it would be amazingly helpful and could save many lives. “

How you can help:

1.  CAT tourniquets &  sunglasses. A more detailed list is on the way. We are asking people to call military companies, gear suppliers, military surplus stores etc and see if they are willing to donate. If they are I can arrange shipping (its complicated) and can provide them documentation if needed. 

2.  Donations at the paypal button under the donations tab above and will be making purchases in country whenever the needed items are found.

3. Pray, Pray for this amazing group of men that are standing alone against such an evil. They have told Jeremiah that they feel like the world has forgotten about them and they are alone but they also tell him how grateful they are for the airstrikes.

Look for the Post titled “Plan of Action” coming soon once a detailed list and more information is finalized.