How You Can Help

New need

We are looking for some legal assistance regarding non-profit public charity organizations/corporations. If there is anyone with experience in these matters, we’d really appreciate the help, things can get very complicated an we hope to keep them simple. We are feeling God push us rather quickly to further Fight The Good Fight with the Isaiah 61 mandate. We are working with Steve Quayle and are in prayer to see what the Lord is leading. Steve and I have received separately the words ” do not despise small beginnings” in confirmation and are excited to see what God is up to!

Other ways to get involved

I hear so much frustration from so many including myself wishing we could do more, hopefully you’ll find something here that will give you a way to take action. As of now we have only been able to accept monetary donations but now we found out the shipping may have opened up so we are brainstorming on how to get much needed items over there or if it still cheaper and more effective for money to be sent.


Get local churches/prayer houses involved and committed to praying for the refugees and the teams. Hold weekly/daily/monthly strategic prayer meetings for the crisis. (Worship. Get clean before God, come into agreement. Strengthen yourself in the Lord. Build yourself up in faith, hope and the promises of God before entering into intercession and warfare).

Spread the word

Spread the word on the crisis and plight of the refugees. ISIS is not just in the Middle East, please understand that. Our administration has upped the the threat level due to Islamic State warnings that they are in our country. This requires our awareness and prayer.

Trace Minerals Research Company Power Pak Electrolytes

We spoke with a Dr who strongly recommended these for the dehydrated and sick. My husband said these are helping so much. We sent over 4,000 and just ordered 2,000 more. There are 500,000+ refugees so no amount is too many! EmergenC packets actually have a lot of things that have been shown to weaken the immune system. You can order them online, rally people to do a large purchase, contact me to work out the shipping details:


There is a great need for anti-parasitic medication. Some that I know of are diatomaceous earth, Garlic oil, Clove and Thyme Essential Oil. Bentonite Clay is also great for absorbing toxins and rashes. Some ways to help besides purchasing this yourself is calling companies that manufacture this and seeing if they are willing to donate/discount. If they are you can contact me and I will set up shipping and if they need any Non Profit documentation. Young Living and Doterra are essential oil companies that could be contacted.

Brewers Yeast packets/pills red raspberry leaf pills

These are for nursing mothers who are malnourished themselves due to the poor diets they are now reduced to. This will help them nourish themselves so they can rebuild their nursing children’s health. Any suggestions? Email me =)

MP3 players

MP3 players that have/can have the Bible downloaded in Arabic.


If you have ideas or something that God has put on your heart, please feel free to email me

Share this page

Please share this page and let people know they can donate here and it is going straight to supplies for the refugees.


Today they are purchasing propane stoves, food, blankets, clothes, etc for a camp with hundreds of people and tomorrow are heading to a refugee camp with thousands. The money goes quickly and is needed daily to replenish food supplies. Please visit our Donate page to learn how you can help.

Local to us

  1. Brainstorm meetings, help getting the blog into a more easily navigated website
  2. Ship packages with supplies
  3. Stop by and pray!

Its an honor serving with you! I pray the Lord blesses you and keeps you and His face shines on you.