“Its time for the New Breed”

Why the phrase “new breed”?
On September 9, 2009 (9-9-09) Don’t know what the significance of that date is or if there is any but It stuck out to me. 3 different people had a dream that night that I was birthing something or pregnant. I also had a dream, here it is:
In the Dream a worship leader from a church I knew of but didn’t agree with very much and I were talking.No arguing, just hanging out. In the dream we had these symbols over our head, it was known in my dream that modern day Christians had these circles or triangles, that floated above our head but first day Christians had triangles or rectangles , I cant remember. I saw an elevator that was in a beautiful tower but it went down 56 levels. 1-56. I asked where does that go? And the worship leader said ” Noone goes that deep” and I said “well I am”
And when I said that my symbol floating above my head began to morph and formed into a combination of the first day Christians and modern day Christians and became a new symbol merged of both.
I suddenly was in a room and a tall commanding brown haired man I perceived to be an angel stood up and said
“Its time for the New Breed”.
Over the last 8 years the Lord has been unpacking that dream and confirming that a New Breed is arising and that this Virginia trip is training to become part of this New Breed born for such a time as this.
I never understood the 56 in the dream. But one day my roomate had a friend over, Chavis and I felt like I should tell him the dream and he said I think that has to do with Isaiah 56, he grabbed a Bible and flipped it open and it was on the page of …Isaiah 56.
Isaiah 56.1
Thus says the Lord:
“Keep justice, and do righteousness,
For My salvation is about to come,
And My righteousness to be revealed.”

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Becoming the New Breed

Just finished packing for the 9th time in 34 days. Each time we didn’t know why we were going to that next point. We just had the next location for instruction. California to Moravian Falls to Fort MIll, Sc to Williamsburg, Virginia and This time we have direction to go to “Nashville”. Things we’d really appreciate knowing…where are we staying? Why are we going there? Will we have enough money to get there? Will we look foolish? Will people judge us? Is this you Lord? Is this going to suck?
For those of you who were with us the first time we stepped out of the boat. I was a NERVOUS ANXIOUS wreck. Just 29 a days ago my footsteps were so shaky, i had knots in my stomach, I was asking people to share encouraging stories with me, texting everyone I could think begging for prayer…What the Lord can do in so little time is mesmerizing me. Tonight, I am taking deep breaths for those moments I feel shaky and take my eyes off the Lord but I am determined to step off the boat in joy, refusing to dwell on the unknowns and instead trusting in what I do know…in WHO i know and how I have experienced Him. He is so good. He is so exciting and strategic and loving and merciful and extravagant. Just on this trip alone multiple people have felt led to bless us financially on THE DAY we were on our last few dollars! Coincidences I cant even begin to recount and connections that have left me overflowing with excitement. I will share them tomorrow if i can type them all out while my 3 year old and 1 year old are napping on our 10 hour drive to Nashville.
The last 3 days we have been visiting historic sites near we are and felt led to pray for what was needed in that hour in history would be “unearthed” and released to our Nation once again. I cant even begin to unpack what we have learned and seen. Something I feel the Lord has been speaking to me daily is that our country is about to enter a crucible, a shaking and that there are believers going through a shaking in their own lives that will strip away and shake off everything that is not of the Lord so that what is left is Him. What is left is true, just, real, loving, merciful, strategic, full of authority and peace. It is shaking off and revealing ‘the new breed’ that I saw in my dream. This trip for us has been a daily shaking, stripping, discomfort, and revealing of what we need to cast off and what it will leave behind, as we surrender through His Grace, is an unshakeable weapon for Gods kingdom. We are starting to see the reality of living from a place of being seated with Jesus in the heavenlies and the truth that we are born for such a time as this. I believe God told me to share this publicly because this is an invitation. You are born for this hour, you were chosen by a perfect Strategist to be alive today out of all of history. You have something the world needs, crafted for you by God and maybe reading whatever the Lord asks us to share will activate something in you that there is more to the life you are living and its time to step off the boat and seize a life that you have never dared to dream is possible. Ephesians 3.20 states that He is able to do more than you dare to dream or imagine. I ask you tonight that you will simply ask yourself and God…Is there more for me? And if you start to see an inkling that there is and that it is available to you…take the plunge and get ready to be disrupted.
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Into the Unknown…

A quick update from a tired mama:

Our hearts are tied forever to the Kurds and we pray about going back and starting some sustainable projects but as of now the Lord has us on another journey.  At the bottom of this post I have included the families and groups we met working in Iraq. We know and love and personally can recommend the 3 below if you are looking to sow into Iraq.

The journey we are on has been hard but the growth has been unbelievable. We felt the Lord tell us to go to Virginia. So we called the airlines, even though we had no money for a trip or any idea what was in Virgina and to our surpise they said Jeremiah had just enough airline miles for our whole family of 4 to fly across the country for free.

We ended up camping at a place called Moravian Falls that had a 100 year prayer movement by the Moravians. It just so happened we were there camping.. during the Feast of Tabernacles with a group of Messianic Jews. You cannot make this stuff up! My little brother came with us and ended up getting saved and baptized in the falls, complete with a shofar being blown by one of the men. From there we went to a business conference at Morningstar Ministries and then prayed through 3 states as we drew near the elections and ended up in Virginia.

We feel, in addition to the personal growth and testing, that we are placed strategically to intercede for our Nation through this time. We ended up finding a place for only $25 a night on craigslist that turned out to be on a site that was a main supply line for the Revolutionary War. We also found out we were in the place they said “Americas Government started here”. We feel we are here to learn from our forefathers for what our country is about to face as we pray from the places that Americas covenants were first made to the Lord.

I have been documenting each day and am going to put it up on my pages this weekend. I hope and believe it will encourage you.


Iraq friends: For those wanting to sow into the Peshmerga, we have worked with and know personally the Burma Rangers and recommend them highly. They are doing great training for the Peshmerga and also bringing the Karen medics they have trained from Thailand: http://www.freeburmarangers.org/

For Those wanting to sow into refugee work, we know and love the Pickett family. They are raising their 6 children in Iraq, love the Lord, and are doing phenomenal work:


The womens home we helped start is still up and running. Gry Tangs is the director and doing great, hard work wrapping her arms around the most traumatized women imaginable, braving their trauma with them.


By the grace of God…

After 6 grueling months in Iraq for our little family we have made it home safe. I have been at a loss on how to sum up such an intense time of love and loss, tragedy and triumph, and friendship and memories that will be with us forever. The refining fire of those 6 months has forever changed us and drawn us closer to the Lord. We are humbled and encouraged that the Lord invited us to go through such a training and an equipping in our own lives while also getting to serve.

During several slow days we felt like we weren’t making a dent but when we looked back to sum it up for our donors we saw what Gods hand had done. This is what your prayers accomplished. This is what your gifts made happen. Thank you doesn’t do it justice.

  • Well over a thousand Peshmerga soldiers were trained medically, given medical kits and prayed for by our small teams.
  • We were able to equip a partner team with trauma medical kits and supplies to train hundreds more soldiers.
  • The first ever girls safe house (for girls formerly held captive or enslaved by ISIS) was established and sheltered 9 women and 2 small children for a time of refreshing and love. It included getting each one medical screenings and prescriptions, all new wardrobes, backpacks full of supplies toothpaste, toothbrushes, brushes, makeup (they were overjoyed with this more than anything), makeovers, therapaetic massages, emotional release therapy, jewelry making instruction and supplies to continue to sell their own.
  • We partnered with another organization to pass on the baton to continue a safe house and were able to furnish the entire house for staff and provide supplies for the girls they are currently serving.
  • Hundreds of care packages were distributed to refugees.
  • Made and distributed essentials bags to widows and orphans begging on the streets.
  • Sent thousands of feminie hygiene products to Mt Sinjar and the thousands of people taking refuge there.
  • Assisted in providing a flour machine for the Yazidis on Mt. Sinjar.
  • Delivered hundreds of femine hygiene products and helped distribute thousands of lbs of flour to a refugee camp near the frontlines.
  • Partnered with  local church to do clothes distributions.
  • Raised thousands of dollars for a life saving surgery for a young refugee boy.
  • Assisted in funding a refugee woman’s surgery.
  • Conducted several local clinics for refugees and their children.
  • Birthed our 2nd born baby!

We’ve just received pictures today of the medical kits we provided to a partner team being used to train more troop and treat the injured and will post those shortly! We were overjoyed to work together with ministries in unity.This team was one of those blessings who just humbly wanted to work for the Lord and it was refreshing to pray with them and partner before we returned home.

We have continued to collect donations to support the girls home in Iraqi Kurdistan. We are continuing to partner with amazing servants of our Lord on ground and will work on posting their links shortly if you’d like to donate directly to them and see what other awesome work they are doing. We are home safe after a long journey home with toddler and 2 month old. After several weeks of adjusting back home, we are embarking on the next project we feel God has placed on our heart. In the meantime God has blessed Jeremiah with a part time job, Amanda is home with our 2 year old Judah Gideon and our Kurdish born 5 month old, Anaiah Justice, we are working on a jewelry line to launch soon with proceeds going to trafficked women.

If you would led to hear about the next project before we announce it publicly please email me at ftgfpsalm91@gmail.com and I will forward the details!

“These women are strong. They are brave.”

This update was from May, written by our staff member KT. Many things have grown and changed since then and I will tell that in an update to follow:

“We have exciting news to share! Our team opened the first ever women’s safe home in Kurdistan! We welcomed 9 women and 2 children who have been rescued from ISIS into the home. The women and girls range in age from 11 to 55, but most are in their teens.

The first day in the home was filled with laughter. We drank tea, introduced ourselves, laughed when we mispronounced words in Kurdish, ate ice cream, and enjoyed each other’s company. The mood was generally light, and the atmosphere peaceful. One of the girls said that if she was at home she would be crying, but because she is here, she is happy. We did puzzles, colored, and visited. We sat quietly, gave hugs and kisses, and shared God’s love. We are incredibly thankful that love does not require you to speak the same language, because it is its own language. God’s love can be shared without ever saying a word.

We heard from many of the girls that their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers are still captives of ISIS, or have been killed. There is a heart breaking realness when you look into their eyes and know what they have gone through. Even with our hearts breaking, there is a peace that surpasses all understanding. It doesn’t make sense in the human realm, but that’s the point. The peace and hope that we carry is supernatural. It fully surpasses human understanding.

These women are strong. They are brave. There is an undeniable hope that they express, each one in her own way. It may be a simple smile, or words and actions, but you can see the hope that each one has for the future. We know that God has placed all of us, including each of these women, here, in this house, at this time, in this place, for such a time as this. ”

We’re so blessed to be a part of this short season in their lives. We’re blessed to play a small part in their story. And we’re blessed to know them, and to pray for them. We know that God has a plan for each of these women that He has brought to us. It’s our desire that they see the love and peace of Christ radiating through our lives and actions.

“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way.” – 2 Thessalonians 3:16

Update from Iraq: broken pipes, broken cars, and bartering at bazaars

broken down for hours
broken down for hours
Daddy and son putting together 1 of 20 beds
Daddy and son putting together 1 of 20 beds
Kitchen in progress
Kitchen in progress

Hello Friends,

We have been overwhelmed with the work here. I will give a quick overview of what the last few weeks have held:

We have focused in all of our efforts to furnish the safe house and get it ready to receive the women on May 2nd. Furnishing a home sounds easy..we had no idea what we were in for but now we realize this is truly something God has to do because we simply cant. Because we are not a large organization and just a family with a couple team members It has been quite monumental. We have had to go to the bazaars, swap meets, and scout different affordable areas to find each piece for the house from curtains and beds to pictures, dishes, and welcome mats and then load it onto our vehicle, take it back, and assemble it ourselves. The other aspect that makes this interesting is the language/cultural barrier that we have had to work through while shopping, bartering, and trying to find where to buy things. Google isn’t a resource here like it is at home and OH how we will appreciate it when we can utilize it again. The house is coming together beautifully as only God can do.

This is the first run through of a program like this here of its kind, meaning it will also be a first for the officials we are working with, for us, and for the women. Because of this there are not many people to learn from or ask advice from, its harder but its a beautiful place to be because we have no one to ask but Jesus, who we should be asking first anyways! We are learning to be flexible and humble as each day brings so many surprises from our car breaking down (the gas station mixed water with the gas), contractors and gardeners not showing up, storms cancelling all work, water leaks, language barrier miscommunications, missing parts to brand new furniture, our son getting his molars, and finding a dr. and hospital to deliver our next baby at. We squeezed in a Dr appointment and found out we are having a girl! The due date is in a few weeks so we also appreciate your prayers for that. In the next post we will share the side projects and immediate ways your support has helped the people of Kurdistan.

We need all the help we can get , if you feel the Lord move on your heart you can donate at the donate tab above. Please pray for Gods grace for this small team as we push to finish the home!

On top of the house preparations above, we have had the opportunity to aid many of the newly released or rescued people. We wanted to share with you so you know what you have directly sown into the last 2 weeks, here is a brief summary:

  • 200+ yazidis just released from ISIS: We were able to pay for the transportation to deliver tents for newly released refugees to live in. They were severely malnourished and dehydrated so we sent 2,000 packs of electrolytes and minerals. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/04/08/isis-releases-more-than-200-yazidi-prisoners-in-iraq/
  • An emergency surgery was needed for a refugee so we partnered to pay for the surgery.
  • Help purchase a flour making machine for a refugee camp
  • Traveled to and Evaluated the situation in Sinjar- we are formulating a plan to help the refugee situation and to aid with medical kits to the fighting forces there.
  • Met with Peshmerga medical Doctors to schedule combat medic training
  • Our midwife was able to labor with a woman losing her baby at 19 weeks and be an incredible support through such a difficult time
  • the midwife also was able to attend to another woman and her newly born baby immediately after a C-section
  • We are purchasing the supplies and assembling 1,000 trauma medic kits to give to those we are able to train

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and encouragement. The days are long and hard but we are seeing God work and it is so worth it to even give a cup of water to ones of His little ones.