“Its time for the New Breed”

Why the phrase “new breed”?
On September 9, 2009 (9-9-09) Don’t know what the significance of that date is or if there is any but It stuck out to me. 3 different people had a dream that night that I was birthing something or pregnant. I also had a dream, here it is:
In the Dream a worship leader from a church I knew of but didn’t agree with very much and I were talking.No arguing, just hanging out. In the dream we had these symbols over our head, it was known in my dream that modern day Christians had these circles or triangles, that floated above our head but first day Christians had triangles or rectangles , I cant remember. I saw an elevator that was in a beautiful tower but it went down 56 levels. 1-56. I asked where does that go? And the worship leader said ” Noone goes that deep” and I said “well I am”
And when I said that my symbol floating above my head began to morph and formed into a combination of the first day Christians and modern day Christians and became a new symbol merged of both.
I suddenly was in a room and a tall commanding brown haired man I perceived to be an angel stood up and said
“Its time for the New Breed”.
Over the last 8 years the Lord has been unpacking that dream and confirming that a New Breed is arising and that this Virginia trip is training to become part of this New Breed born for such a time as this.
I never understood the 56 in the dream. But one day my roomate had a friend over, Chavis and I felt like I should tell him the dream and he said I think that has to do with Isaiah 56, he grabbed a Bible and flipped it open and it was on the page of …Isaiah 56.
Isaiah 56.1
Thus says the Lord:
“Keep justice, and do righteousness,
For My salvation is about to come,
And My righteousness to be revealed.”

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