Becoming the New Breed

Just finished packing for the 9th time in 34 days. Each time we didn’t know why we were going to that next point. We just had the next location for instruction. California to Moravian Falls to Fort MIll, Sc to Williamsburg, Virginia and This time we have direction to go to “Nashville”. Things we’d really appreciate knowing…where are we staying? Why are we going there? Will we have enough money to get there? Will we look foolish? Will people judge us? Is this you Lord? Is this going to suck?
For those of you who were with us the first time we stepped out of the boat. I was a NERVOUS ANXIOUS wreck. Just 29 a days ago my footsteps were so shaky, i had knots in my stomach, I was asking people to share encouraging stories with me, texting everyone I could think begging for prayer…What the Lord can do in so little time is mesmerizing me. Tonight, I am taking deep breaths for those moments I feel shaky and take my eyes off the Lord but I am determined to step off the boat in joy, refusing to dwell on the unknowns and instead trusting in what I do know…in WHO i know and how I have experienced Him. He is so good. He is so exciting and strategic and loving and merciful and extravagant. Just on this trip alone multiple people have felt led to bless us financially on THE DAY we were on our last few dollars! Coincidences I cant even begin to recount and connections that have left me overflowing with excitement. I will share them tomorrow if i can type them all out while my 3 year old and 1 year old are napping on our 10 hour drive to Nashville.
The last 3 days we have been visiting historic sites near we are and felt led to pray for what was needed in that hour in history would be “unearthed” and released to our Nation once again. I cant even begin to unpack what we have learned and seen. Something I feel the Lord has been speaking to me daily is that our country is about to enter a crucible, a shaking and that there are believers going through a shaking in their own lives that will strip away and shake off everything that is not of the Lord so that what is left is Him. What is left is true, just, real, loving, merciful, strategic, full of authority and peace. It is shaking off and revealing ‘the new breed’ that I saw in my dream. This trip for us has been a daily shaking, stripping, discomfort, and revealing of what we need to cast off and what it will leave behind, as we surrender through His Grace, is an unshakeable weapon for Gods kingdom. We are starting to see the reality of living from a place of being seated with Jesus in the heavenlies and the truth that we are born for such a time as this. I believe God told me to share this publicly because this is an invitation. You are born for this hour, you were chosen by a perfect Strategist to be alive today out of all of history. You have something the world needs, crafted for you by God and maybe reading whatever the Lord asks us to share will activate something in you that there is more to the life you are living and its time to step off the boat and seize a life that you have never dared to dream is possible. Ephesians 3.20 states that He is able to do more than you dare to dream or imagine. I ask you tonight that you will simply ask yourself and God…Is there more for me? And if you start to see an inkling that there is and that it is available to you…take the plunge and get ready to be disrupted.
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