Into the Unknown…

A quick update from a tired mama:

Our hearts are tied forever to the Kurds and we pray about going back and starting some sustainable projects but as of now the Lord has us on another journey.  At the bottom of this post I have included the families and groups we met working in Iraq. We know and love and personally can recommend the 3 below if you are looking to sow into Iraq.

The journey we are on has been hard but the growth has been unbelievable. We felt the Lord tell us to go to Virginia. So we called the airlines, even though we had no money for a trip or any idea what was in Virgina and to our surpise they said Jeremiah had just enough airline miles for our whole family of 4 to fly across the country for free.

We ended up camping at a place called Moravian Falls that had a 100 year prayer movement by the Moravians. It just so happened we were there camping.. during the Feast of Tabernacles with a group of Messianic Jews. You cannot make this stuff up! My little brother came with us and ended up getting saved and baptized in the falls, complete with a shofar being blown by one of the men. From there we went to a business conference at Morningstar Ministries and then prayed through 3 states as we drew near the elections and ended up in Virginia.

We feel, in addition to the personal growth and testing, that we are placed strategically to intercede for our Nation through this time. We ended up finding a place for only $25 a night on craigslist that turned out to be on a site that was a main supply line for the Revolutionary War. We also found out we were in the place they said “Americas Government started here”. We feel we are here to learn from our forefathers for what our country is about to face as we pray from the places that Americas covenants were first made to the Lord.

I have been documenting each day and am going to put it up on my pages this weekend. I hope and believe it will encourage you.

Iraq friends: For those wanting to sow into the Peshmerga, we have worked with and know personally the Burma Rangers and recommend them highly. They are doing great training for the Peshmerga and also bringing the Karen medics they have trained from Thailand:

For Those wanting to sow into refugee work, we know and love the Pickett family. They are raising their 6 children in Iraq, love the Lord, and are doing phenomenal work:

The womens home we helped start is still up and running. Gry Tangs is the director and doing great, hard work wrapping her arms around the most traumatized women imaginable, braving their trauma with them.


One thought on “Into the Unknown…

  1. That was an awesome email Amanda!  Really awesome stuff!  Please keep it  coming.  Love you guys and God bless you! John 

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