By the grace of God…

After 6 grueling months in Iraq for our little family we have made it home safe. I have been at a loss on how to sum up such an intense time of love and loss, tragedy and triumph, and friendship and memories that will be with us forever. The refining fire of those 6 months has forever changed us and drawn us closer to the Lord. We are humbled and encouraged that the Lord invited us to go through such a training and an equipping in our own lives while also getting to serve.

During several slow days we felt like we weren’t making a dent but when we looked back to sum it up for our donors we saw what Gods hand had done. This is what your prayers accomplished. This is what your gifts made happen. Thank you doesn’t do it justice.

  • Well over a thousand Peshmerga soldiers were trained medically, given medical kits and prayed for by our small teams.
  • We were able to equip a partner team with trauma medical kits and supplies to train hundreds more soldiers.
  • The first ever girls safe house (for girls formerly held captive or enslaved by ISIS) was established and sheltered 9 women and 2 small children for a time of refreshing and love. It included getting each one medical screenings and prescriptions, all new wardrobes, backpacks full of supplies toothpaste, toothbrushes, brushes, makeup (they were overjoyed with this more than anything), makeovers, therapaetic massages, emotional release therapy, jewelry making instruction and supplies to continue to sell their own.
  • We partnered with another organization to pass on the baton to continue a safe house and were able to furnish the entire house for staff and provide supplies for the girls they are currently serving.
  • Hundreds of care packages were distributed to refugees.
  • Made and distributed essentials bags to widows and orphans begging on the streets.
  • Sent thousands of feminie hygiene products to Mt Sinjar and the thousands of people taking refuge there.
  • Assisted in providing a flour machine for the Yazidis on Mt. Sinjar.
  • Delivered hundreds of femine hygiene products and helped distribute thousands of lbs of flour to a refugee camp near the frontlines.
  • Partnered with  local church to do clothes distributions.
  • Raised thousands of dollars for a life saving surgery for a young refugee boy.
  • Assisted in funding a refugee woman’s surgery.
  • Conducted several local clinics for refugees and their children.
  • Birthed our 2nd born baby!

We’ve just received pictures today of the medical kits we provided to a partner team being used to train more troop and treat the injured and will post those shortly! We were overjoyed to work together with ministries in unity.This team was one of those blessings who just humbly wanted to work for the Lord and it was refreshing to pray with them and partner before we returned home.

We have continued to collect donations to support the girls home in Iraqi Kurdistan. We are continuing to partner with amazing servants of our Lord on ground and will work on posting their links shortly if you’d like to donate directly to them and see what other awesome work they are doing. We are home safe after a long journey home with toddler and 2 month old. After several weeks of adjusting back home, we are embarking on the next project we feel God has placed on our heart. In the meantime God has blessed Jeremiah with a part time job, Amanda is home with our 2 year old Judah Gideon and our Kurdish born 5 month old, Anaiah Justice, we are working on a jewelry line to launch soon with proceeds going to trafficked women.

If you would led to hear about the next project before we announce it publicly please email me at and I will forward the details!


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