Update from Iraq: broken pipes, broken cars, and bartering at bazaars

broken down for hours
broken down for hours
Daddy and son putting together 1 of 20 beds
Daddy and son putting together 1 of 20 beds
Kitchen in progress
Kitchen in progress

Hello Friends,

We have been overwhelmed with the work here. I will give a quick overview of what the last few weeks have held:

We have focused in all of our efforts to furnish the safe house and get it ready to receive the women on May 2nd. Furnishing a home sounds easy..we had no idea what we were in for but now we realize this is truly something God has to do because we simply cant. Because we are not a large organization and just a family with a couple team members It has been quite monumental. We have had to go to the bazaars, swap meets, and scout different affordable areas to find each piece for the house from curtains and beds to pictures, dishes, and welcome mats and then load it onto our vehicle, take it back, and assemble it ourselves. The other aspect that makes this interesting is the language/cultural barrier that we have had to work through while shopping, bartering, and trying to find where to buy things. Google isn’t a resource here like it is at home and OH how we will appreciate it when we can utilize it again. The house is coming together beautifully as only God can do.

This is the first run through of a program like this here of its kind, meaning it will also be a first for the officials we are working with, for us, and for the women. Because of this there are not many people to learn from or ask advice from, its harder but its a beautiful place to be because we have no one to ask but Jesus, who we should be asking first anyways! We are learning to be flexible and humble as each day brings so many surprises from our car breaking down (the gas station mixed water with the gas), contractors and gardeners not showing up, storms cancelling all work, water leaks, language barrier miscommunications, missing parts to brand new furniture, our son getting his molars, and finding a dr. and hospital to deliver our next baby at. We squeezed in a Dr appointment and found out we are having a girl! The due date is in a few weeks so we also appreciate your prayers for that. In the next post we will share the side projects and immediate ways your support has helped the people of Kurdistan.

We need all the help we can get , if you feel the Lord move on your heart you can donate at the donate tab above. Please pray for Gods grace for this small team as we push to finish the home!

On top of the house preparations above, we have had the opportunity to aid many of the newly released or rescued people. We wanted to share with you so you know what you have directly sown into the last 2 weeks, here is a brief summary:

  • 200+ yazidis just released from ISIS: We were able to pay for the transportation to deliver tents for newly released refugees to live in. They were severely malnourished and dehydrated so we sent 2,000 packs of electrolytes and minerals. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/04/08/isis-releases-more-than-200-yazidi-prisoners-in-iraq/
  • An emergency surgery was needed for a refugee so we partnered to pay for the surgery.
  • Help purchase a flour making machine for a refugee camp
  • Traveled to and Evaluated the situation in Sinjar- we are formulating a plan to help the refugee situation and to aid with medical kits to the fighting forces there.
  • Met with Peshmerga medical Doctors to schedule combat medic training
  • Our midwife was able to labor with a woman losing her baby at 19 weeks and be an incredible support through such a difficult time
  • the midwife also was able to attend to another woman and her newly born baby immediately after a C-section
  • We are purchasing the supplies and assembling 1,000 trauma medic kits to give to those we are able to train

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and encouragement. The days are long and hard but we are seeing God work and it is so worth it to even give a cup of water to ones of His little ones.


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