Serving the King

Greetings from Kurdistan!

Here is a summary of what has gone on so far and what we are working towards. We continue to be blown away by the prayer support back home. We know that we are not alone and this is work you are all a part of back home through your intercession and donations. It truly is an honor serving beside so many around the world even though we have never met, we are all serving the King together. We pray Gods blessing on each of you!

We have been here for less than a month and God has opened up doors larger than we dared to dream or imagine…truly Ephesians 3:20 moments:

What we are working on currently by the grace of God:

1) We’ve been blessed with an opportunity to open a rehabilitation program for women who have been captured, raped, trafficked and then rescued from ISIS. We are currently focusing on that by furnishing the home, finding the staff & translators, and funding for the program so we can be ready to receive them in the coming weeks. The number is staggering, in the hundreds but we know God is more than able to bring healing to each and everyone no matter how horrific. GOD IS ABLE!

2) An Orphanage for younger girls affected by trauma and torture

3) We Are currently making trauma medical kits for front line Peshmerga soldiers that we have had the opportunity to train medically.

What the Lord has blessed us to be able to do already:
1) Did combat medic classes for 500 Peshmerga Soldiers and 600 Christian men joining the Peshmerga! We were able to purchase supplies to put together med kits to distribute to those who know now how to use it.

2) We were able to pray over almost every group of men that were trained.

3) Did 4 free clinics, 1 was with an incredible Pediatrician and we were able to provide prayer, medicine, diapers, and smiles to many children and their families

4) Volunteered at a camp of 12,000 Syrian refugees and helped distribute clothing to hundreds of them.

5) Met and ministered to a group of widows whose husbands were killed by ISIS. They fled with their 11 children and are living in an abandoned building. God opened the door to bring hundreds of diapers, food, and funds. We don’t always give away money, but we felt the Lord leading us to in this case. When women become widows here, its not just there husbands that are killed it is also their livelihood and income.

6) Met another group of refugees in abandoned, unfinished buildings- 15 families- God opened the door to bring blankets, shoes, mattress pads, clothes, marbles, toys, laundry soap, and formula and then play for hours with the children. The midwife on the team was able to see a pregnant women and treat a sick baby.

What you can specifically do to help us:

1) Pray for:
-the people affected by this violence and hatred
-us to be fully submitted to the Lord and eyes continually on Him
-health for the team (especially Amanda and Judah)
-help to make the right choice on vehicles
-wisdom, protection and favor in our coming decisions regarding the women and girls
-grace to chose the right staff to assist us

2.) Contact us if you feel strongly led to be a volunteer. We will also pray with you and see what openings are available.

3.) Donate any amount the Lord leads, even $5 has bought 100 diapers that we have given out. The donate tab is above.

Thank you all for your continued support. We will work on doing better at updating you all and posting pictures as soon as we are able to make them secure.

Take comfort in this verse with us as we pray it and believe for it for the women and children :
“He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147


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