144 hours later…

Refugees waiting in line for clothes at the distribution
Refugees waiting in line for clothes at the distribution

We have made it through what for most of us was probably the craziest, most harassment filled week of our lives to get here. I can’t fit it all in here but to sum up: 7 missed flights, lost baggage, throwing up on the plane, exploding baby poop diapers, being questioned for HOURS to make sure we aren’t funding ISIS, 30 hours of travel turning into 144 hours of travel and most spent standing with our 26 totes of supplies at ticket counters. But as one team member says below..what the enemy meant for evil God turned to good. He allowed it all because He is sovereign, good, and wants us so badly to look like him and allows the refining fires to come so we can truly abide in Him. And abiding in Him IS the mission.

“Most of the team had not met each other before meeting up at the airport and right from the beginning the Lord set out to show us His ways are not our ways, only four of us made it onto our first flight, the other half the team had to wait till the next day and catch a flight. After a combined 7 flights missed one team made it to the destination two days delayed and the second team 4 days delayed.  What may have been intended for evil was used to build a team commended to one another and tested true in our peace in the Lord.” -KD

I believe that through all that we were able to stay in peace because of your faithful prayers. Thank you thank you thank you to our praying team mates all over the world!  We have been on ground for 15 days now and have been blessed to do 4 clinics, 2 distributions, and met with several widows. We will share pictures and stories from each outreach and the team in the next post coming tomorrow.

Prayer needs for this week: to find 2 houses for ministry, an affordable van, and Gods constant guidance and peace.


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