Part 2, counting down.

This 2nd deployment has been much larger and in depth than our first whirlwind one. We were waiting on approvals from the Kurdish government and making sure everything was ok. We waited for 3 months and then got an oK and a request to be there in a couple weeks! So here goes another whirlwind but everything is going smoothly and our departure is coming up quickly. We want to take a moment and thank you all for supporting this for the last 6 months and give you a quick update so you know how to pray if you feel led.

Our team of 10 has a threefold plan:  1. We will continue the refugee relief as we did last time with clinics, distribution of needed supplies, and offering prayer. 2. This time around we are partnering with two other organizations to assist in the housing and care of women and children recently released from sexual slavery. This matter is very close to our hearts. We understand the difficulties that may be faced in housing and ministering to people coming out of such horrors but we are very thankful and motivated to move into this arena. Four of our team members are attending training on helping women with severe PTSD and we are prayerfully pursuing avenues to make the home as tranquil as possible. The groundwork is being laid and we plan to be able to open our the rehabilitation-house for treatment and assistance very soon.

3. We are humbled and inspired by the sacrifice and bravery of the Peshmerga and hope to bless them with morale bags and lifesaving medical instruction from our team medics. The morale bags include things like electrolytes, gum, aspirin etc. We will be making medic bags which include CAT tourniquets, combat gauze etc and distributing both as we thank them and pray for them.

It is such an honor serving with all of you. We read and pray for every person who sends us a note, letter, or donation. God bless you all!


1.PRAYER: for those being persecuted and enslaved, those displaced, the brave Kurds fighting on the front lines, and our team.

2.SUPPORT:  We currently need assistance to sponsor team members for deployment. You can financially support at the “donate/contact us” tab. Please annotate SPONSOR if you’d like to support a missionary going. If it is not directed toward that we send all donations directly to the refugee relief.

3. PERSONNEL: If you have a strong foundation upon Jesus, relevant skills and feel led to help physically, please contact us at


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