Delivered from the hand of the wicked. (Psalm 82)

Praise Report: 10 women/children were rescued from their captivity. 2 men lost their lives freeing them. We don’t know who these rescuers were/are but were overwhelmed and humbled to hear of their sacrifices. The rescue was incredible but the nightmare these women are enduring didn’t end there. ISIS takes all of their documentation and Identification making it impossible to get through the strict checkpoints to safe territories. Many people prayed and prayed and we just got word they miraculously made it to a friendly zone. Another group of about a dozen people escaped from ISIS and made it to a safe city but also did not have documentation. They were held up in limbo but thankfully and miraculously made it through and some were reunited with their families.

Reports like this encourage us to pray fervently for it to be done again. Let it boost your faith and fill you with praise! Please continue to intercede for the captives, widows, and orphans. Also please pray for their rehabilitation as many are committing suicide, they have no way to make a living being women in a country like this, and the horrific trauma continues.

It is an honor joining in prayer with you all. We hope to share more stories like this soon as we believe together in agreement for multiplication of this testimony.


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