The Waiting Game…

Round 1 to Iraq was a rapid deployment for our team. It was less than 2 weeks from the first thought to boots on the ground. It was incredible. It was possible to go so quickly due to operating under the umbrella of another established organization and the doors God opened. We went in support  CRI, the relief organization was doing, it is great amazing work and we were blessed to assist with the refugee relief. We were also so thankful and humbled to treat and medically train the Peshmerga.

This 2nd round for a 2nd set of team members we have felt heavily burdened to work towards relief for the increasing number of the women captured and forced into horrific sexual slavery. We also feel called to train the Peshmerga in a more extensive and effective way so they can hopefully prevent the terrorists from continuing these heinous acts. This is breaking new ground in many ways so we don’t have a path to hop on or something to operate under so there is much more that is going into it behind the scenes this time around. My husband has been working at this full time and loves the prayer support to get this done. He constantly asks for prayer for Gods will and discernment. We are working with the Kurdish Government and waiting on different approvals and documentation to proceed. Due to the nature of what this deployment is focused on, the planning is extensive. We have areas in our home with floor to ceiling supplies to bring for the refugees and hopefully, for the escaped sex slaves.

We are going to continue interviewing personnel, preparing ourselves to help rehabilitate the traumatized women, to train the Peshmerga as the Lord opens the doors, and of course assist in refugee relief as the opportunity presents itself. Thank you all for your continued prayer and support. We do ask for prayer for my health so when the date comes to deploy I will be healthy and strong to do the work God calls us to. IF you would like more information or would like to help please feel free to email us at

Prayer- we hope to continue raising a call for intercession for those persecuted. We are agreeing with you all as we cry out to the Lord for His mercy for the Peshmerga, the captives, the refugees, and for ISIS members to see truth of Jesus Christ.


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