An update from a heavy heart…

Apologies, our updates are sporadic and that is my fault (Amanda). I am pregnant (yey), the naseau and fatigue has slammed me hard the first trimester but here is the latest:

Toby and Katie, the paramedic and nurse, are home safely, enjoying time with their excited families. We just got home from wiring $3,000 to our friends at CRI to purchase and distribute moral bags, medical treatment and medical equipment for the Peshmerga troops who are fighting ISIS and liberating the villages.

Someone contacted us via Steve Quayle’s website who has worked in Iraq and was a great help. He is working out donating coats for the refugees! Winter is coming so what a blessing that is. We also sent over donations when Toby was in country to purchase many blankets and winter clothes in preparation for the coming cold season. In addition to medical care, We hope to provide hundreds of refugee families with heaters and coats when we arrive.

Our team is all home safe now, but preparations for our 2nd deployment are already well under way. We hope to have a new team assembled and ready to depart in the coming weeks. The other potential members are confirming shortly if and when they will be joining us. We have 8 huge boxes of medical supplies, electrolytes, and equipment and many more en route to accompany us for round 2.

The Lord has provided us with an amazing interpreter who is giving us intelligence on the ground and updates with the Peshmerga and refugees. We look forward to working with him when we arrive. Our interpreter has shared that the rain is cuasing the Kurdish forces extra hardships and they need adequate rain gear. We were so blessed to work with the Peshmerga and are working to continue to serve and bless them as much as possible.

Lastly, something that is weighing heavily our hearts. This next deployment we hope to continue working with a partner organization in setting up assistance and safe houses for women who have been suffering in captivity. Some have been able to escape or have been rescued from ISIS’ horrific sex slavery and need help, as many have no family left in the region (they have either fled or been killed). The women and young girls being used as sex slaves weighs on our hearts daily. I just read an article which is posted below that says the women are unable to use the toilet because they are being raped so many times a day. They were able to send out a call and asked if friendly forces could just bomb them all to end their suffering. This is not something we can ignore or pretend or distract away. Our hearts are shredded knowing this is taking place right now, please please join us in praying for these captives. Fasting and prayer WILL make a difference.

Ways to help:

1. Raise awareness with the goal of calling people to prayer for the miraculous release and healing of those in captivity. Prayer does work and I know if we are faithful with this mighty weapon we wield, we WILL see and hear of many women delivered mightily.

2. We are collecting donations for all of the above but are hearts are most burdened to act on the sex slaves behalf. You can donate at our donation tab.

3. Pray for our team. I am working through a certification that will train me to deal and assist with victims of trauma so we can help them emotionally also. Jeremiah is working daily on all the small and large details that goes into this operation. We ask for prayer for God grace, wisdom, encouragement, and to do all in His Love.

4. Contact us at if you have any other ways you can help or be involved.


3 thoughts on “An update from a heavy heart…

  1. Listening to Jeremiah on Hagmann & Hagmann right now. Please accept my small donation and I will do my best to come back and do it again soon. God Bless you for what you are doing. Will keep you in prayers!


    • Hello Jeremiah, I am a mother of four girls, one son, twenty-one grandchildren and three great grandchildren. First I am an avid listener of the Haggman and Hagmann radio program. I listened to you and my heart melted and my stomach turned at what ISIS is doing to these families. I know there is a Heavenly Father, He must be so ANGREY at what is going on in Iraque. God has blessed us and I wish to take His blessing and give to Gods children. Would you please do me one favor and tell these abused people not to give up that there are people, even if we don’t know them, we love them, that God loves them also and hears their cry? God Bless you Jeremiah and your disciples for what you all are doing.


  2. Listened to Jeremiah on Hagmann and Hagmann. Praying for Amanda’s health and for your team. I will begin sponsoring your ministry monthly. We are so blessed to have people like you, being warriors. May you be supernaturally blessed and may you see miracles beyond all your hopes and dreams. I wish I could join your team but I join in my heart and you will be on my prayer list. I will also pray for all of the refugees and I send heartfelt love to them. ❤ Dawne in Iowa


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