Updates from the “doc” -“16 people came forward to accept Jesus!!!”

Today left for a refugee camp 45 minutes away. This camp is open business fronts that we’ve been to before. There are approx 10 families living there. Did a clinic with Katie. An approx 3 year old girl had a palm sized road rash on the left side of her face after getting hit by a car. They had a dressing on her face that was really stuck on so I soaked it and pulled it off millimeter by millimeter while Jessica and her mother held her. She was screaming and crying, Jessica was crying and her mother was crying too. I felt horrible. Cleaned it, put triple antibiotic cream on it, put a petroleum dressing on and then secured it. Had an 11 y/o Japanese boy (who the others introduced as Bruce Lee) come up and hug me as soon as we got there. It seems he may have some MR. While I was doing the clinic, he came up complaining of a soar throat and then asked us for a wife! The interpreter was translating for me and was fighting back laughter. I told him I’d see what I had in my medical bag as far as wives went. I opened the bag and felt around and then exclaimed that I was all out of wives. We then handed out diapers, wipes and formula. After this we went to a house up on a hill where four families were staying and gave them the rest of what we brought. We met a guy who owns a construction company that specializes in disaster shelters and he is interested in seeing Kurdistan get on its feet. That night many of the team members went to a 50 hour prayer event at a nearby church for a couple hours. Katie, Jess and I stayed behind to prepare for the next day.


Took everyone out to a refugee camp in a nearby town. There are approx 10 families living in unfinished business fronts there. We brought diapers, wipes and formula and also provided medical help. Jonah and I redressed the road rash wound on the baby who was hit by a car. It looks like it is healing well. During the distribution all the families gathered around and talking became excited and loud, like usual.

Today we went to a Shabak camp on the periphery of Erbil. There are about 20 families here (we have visited this camp once or twice previously). About 9 new people came with us. These people were from the US and also an elderly missionary couple from Turkey; they have come for the 50 hour prayer event. Among them was a Christian musician named David. I’d heard him sing once when I went by the church. He has a great voice and is a skilled guitarist. Katie and I each set up clinics. She had a DR from Kansas (used to practice in Egypt but then moved to the US ) as interpreter and Jonah interpreted for me. J is an OR RN who fled here from Qarakoch, so it’s very nice having him help me cause we can discuss our best treatment options for each patient. While we treated patients, the team handed out shoes, hygiene bags and food. I left early to get the people from the church home (they didn’t know the directions home). After I left the rest of the team watched the Jesus Film on a wall using a projector Sean brought. After the film Q gave a message and 16 people came forward wanting to accept Jesus! They handed out solar powered speakers with the bible in Arabic loaded into them. Got the team to the church and talked with a couple of them over some food. Listened in on the service and was surprised to see M there (a 17 y/o refugee I have had conversations with regarding Christ)! He got a ride in with a guy named J from the international church. Got back to prepare morale bags and IFAKs for the Peshmirga we would see in the morning.


Left early with the 5 new team members. Went to a city nearby city. This is one of the front line cities. We went to a nearby post and treated maybe 20 Peshmirga while David played worship songs. J helped me and Tanner prayed for each of my patients after I saw them. We then went to a post that was approx 2K from a small village that was occupied by ISIS. Set up a clinic here. J had to interpret for both Katie and I! David was inside playing music. Tanner was praying for the soldiers. We finished up and still the rest of the team wasn’t back so we hung out inside with the soldiers. David improvised a song that went: Kurdistan, Kurdistan. Freedom in your lang Kurdistan. Hallelujah, Yeshua, Kurdistan. It was a big hit and he was asked to play it over and over. The soldiers sang along as best they could. David asked them if we could pray for them do we linked up arm on shoulder in a circle and David prayed for them. At the end they told us that it looked like a wedding because they link up in a circle like this at weddings. Everyone laughed. One of the soldiers asked Katie to sing them a song and immediately everyone was begging her to sing. She blushed and resisted but eventually gave in and sang How Great is Our God with David backing her up on guitar. She got a very warm applause. A captain there told us that he had been around Americans before but none as fun as us!


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