More refugees!

Another area north was found that has 300,000 refugees in worse condition than those in Erbil. We are hoping and praying to help them soon.

Toby and Katie are working with Crisis Response International and have both extended their stays. Please cover them with your prayers.  Last week they picked up shoes to distribute to refugees, did a scout of another area with thousands of refugees in dire need, and set up clinics. Here is Tobys note on that:

We stopped by some of the church’s storage containers and picked up 4,000 Tom’s shoes to bring up with us for the Yazidi refugees.  I’d known that Tom’s donated a pair of shoes to the poor for every pair bought but was pleasantly surprised to see this in action. We met a couple named Jordan and Debbie. They are living here working as teachers and serving refugees in the area. Talked to them about the work being done in the area and the main needs of the Yazitis.  They work here as teachers but spend their own money to help out refugees.  After eating we took a taxi to a shop to price out some clothes for refugees for the future if we come back to this area.
9-17 Set up 3 clinics in 3 different places and visited 2 field hospitals.  Stocked 1 hospital with OTC meds and 10 kits.  Went back to the hotel and then delivered the shoes to Jordan and Debbie’s home.  We are storing the shoes there for a later date when we will be able to distribute them.
Please continue to pray for the plight of the refugees, those still captive by ISIS, and the Peshmerga! Thank you all for your prayer cover. It is most important, powerful, and effective.

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