Little Daniel is out of the hospital!

Toby has extended his stay, please keep him in your prayers as he serves another month:
Here is Tobys documenting of Daniels recovery after his surgery:
Katie and I went to see Daniel at the Hospital.  He’s back on the floor.  He only spent one night in ICU.   The hospital was happy to get the money for the surgery.  Daniel’s whole family is extremely thankful and asked us to thank everyone who pitched in for this surgery.  Dr A came by to see Daniel at about 2pm and gave us a pretty thorough explanation, along with showing us pictures, of the surgery and what was found inside.  He stated that the cyst was very advanced and had caused lots of inflammation and Daniel had been dealing with lots of pain.  Daniel slept for most of our approx 5 hour visit and when he was awake you could see he was hurting.   Our contact met us at the house shortly after we got home and then we spent the rest of the day organizing the supplies in the garage.  During dinner our contact told us a lot about Islam and how once he converted he felt embarrassed that he had ever believed Islam.  He explained that Muhammad was prophesied about in the bible as the false prophet who would come to deceive and cause persecution of Christians.  He’s emailing me the info concerning this.  When he speaks about his faith in Christ his countenance radiates (no better way of describing it).  He has lots of you tube videos up that are evangelistic.
Visited Daniel at the hospital.  Today he was much better than the previous day.  He was awake, smiling and talking.  The day before he had a bit of a fever but today his temperature was normal.  He played with the RC car for a bit but it was such a pile it could only creep forward.
Cleaned up around the house in preparation for the directors visit. He will be flying in tomorrow night late.  Got a call from B saying Daniel is going home and that I needed to call sabat (accounting).  Called sabat (also known as mishcula which means “problem”) and he said that there were a few more costs that needed to be covered prior to Daniel’s being discharged.  Took a taksi to the hospital and then went to sabat with B.  They gave us an itemized wasle (receipt) that was in good order.  We owed an additional $1258.  Daniel looks almost better than we’ve ever seen him.  His skin color is good.  He is able to walk around and move well.  Put him in a wheelchair and then took him down to the truck B has been borrowing from a friend.  We brought an Arabic, a Kurdish and an audio Arabic (MP3) bible for them.  They were New Testament only. Daniel had a note book he was drawing in and I wrote him a letter and then drew a horse underneath it.  He colored the horse and drew a pasture around it.  Lots of fun, laughing and talking and eating. BTW, when you eat in Iraq, you are sitting on 3″ foam mats on the floor.  Water is brought in on a tray followed by tea.  After these a plastic sheet is placed on the floor in the middle of the room and all the dishes are placed.  Every one scoots up to the Matt and serves themselves from the common bowls and plates of food.  If you are careless and finish your plate, many times someone will scoop more food onto it automatically.  When your done you need to scoot back from the matt and if someone offers to give you more food just make a big deal about how full you are with your hand on your belly and say “thank you” and “good” in as many ways as you can: e.g. mom noon, sposs, zor sposs, bosh, zor bosh, zien, shukran and thank you.

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