“Each day is a surprise”…letter from Jamie

Jamie, a former Marine, and current Firefighter Paramedic contacted our team via Steve Quayles website and it was clear that it was a God connection! Here is a note home from him:

Hello to everyone!!!

I am writing to encourage, give thanks, and lift a thanks.  The Lord’s favor has been all over this endeavor from “wheels up”.  On arriving in Kurdistan I met the team that I would be working with for the duration of this grand undertaking.  Each team member’s story of being drawn/ called to region “for such a time as this” is powerful, encouraging, and humbling in it of its self.  Due to a very unique range of skill sets it is overt that none of this could have ever been dreamed up within our own strength and understanding.  With a willing heart, deepening dependence, and the might of The Lord going before us, strongholds and mighty walls have been falling before us.  We praise our King daily for the faithfulness of the saints in entering into this time with heartfelt prayer……it is unmistakable that when God’s people join together in God’s work He WILL do far more than we can ever ask or imagine.  Thank you all.  May you all be blessed and your hearts be filled with amazing joy and renewed faith as we (the body in unity) continue to cry out through our Savior, Jesus Christ.  

 Since being here power, favor, and healing have poured forth.  We have been given the blessing of standing before “kings, queens, princes, commanders, and the leaders of many nations.”  Each day is a surprise as greater and greater access is gained to serve in crazy-powerful ways.  Without details, at the behest of diligent security, know that we have been able to serve on the front lines in both the physical and the supernatural.  The name, power, love, healing, and presence of the lord, Jesus Christ, has been brought before men and women in a way that can literally change nations.  It truly puts a new perspective on “going and making disciples of all NATIONS!”

 As we go forward we continue to ask for sincere, pure prayers for protection, strength, boldness to proclaim the name of Christ, and humility in the presence of such dire circumstances……just know that it is truly 100% worse than what any media outlet would lead you to believe.  We have been led/ afforded and blessed with the opportunity to serve the Peshmerga’s front line units.  By supplying traumatic combat casualty care training we are able to keep them in the fight against both the enemy of humanity and the Most High.

We are continuing in helping the Peshmerga as well as serving them with intensive prayer; we pray over and lay hands on each warrior we encounter (sometimes the language barrier has it’s benefits).  We will soon being going to serve where it is needed most.  It has been shown that the best way to alleviate the refugee concerns is to regain the ground that has been lost and enable them to return to their home cities.  By serving the Peshmerga for this season, as the Lord has allowed us to, we pray that this end state will be so. We are blessed beyond blessed to be nearer to Christ in this.  This persecution has driven people from many nations to one area, softened their hearts, and opened the gates for the power of the Holy Spirit to descend on the land.  Only God could write this story!

 So here are some needs; our desire is that we all continue to come into unity through Christ.  Please pray without ceasing for this generation, this time, this place, and also for our own nation and Church.  Also, we desperately need financial support in order to continue to support the refugees and those engaged in a desperate fight on behalf of all the nations of the world.  We go each day and clear the shelves of local pharmacies in order to build 1st Aid Kits to take to the front.  Each one ends up costing about 10 to 20 dollars and will literally save a life and allow the Peshmerga to continue advancing.   So we continue to ask for God’s provision and resources to met and exceeded. 

If God leads you to partner and support financially please donate under the DONATE tab:

Also, visit Crisis Response International’s website at:


Please consider purchasing their “Nazarene” T-Shirts and pass them out. They are super-cool and show amazing solidarity. 

 Lastly, to each individual, bring before The Lord in sincere prayer an inquire as to His leading in your life to be a part of serving the needs over here in any way. This is CRI’s first conflict mission and the need for godly persons of character, humility, and love are great. The team will be/ is changing as each person’s time commitment is different. Cooks, Medical Persons, Prayer Warriors, Intercessors, Military Persons, and all people with a love and burden for His kingdom are needed….. what is desired above all is a simple willingness before our King; He will fill in the rest :).  Contact CRI if you feel led to go to one of their responder classes to learn and serve.

Thank you again to all. I/ we truly claim blessing on you all in the name of Jesus. He is worthy…..truly, truly worthy. 

 Love,    Jamie


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