All I heard was “we’re pulling out don’t go”… For us that was unacceptable

An awesome story of people who committed to DO SOMETHING. I want to share a small part of their story of action. I think love lived out “in action and truth” is the best way to teach us all what the Bible is all about. A  church in the US heard of the Crisis in Iraq and knew they had to Do Something. They came up with an action plan, raised their own funds, and sent 8 of their own to Iraq. They have met up with our team and have worked with them and made hundreds of medical and moral bags for the solders.

Here is a letter from Ted:

Thnx Amanda! It a joy for us to be here in the center of God’s will at such a time as this. We are 8: Jim, Jeff, Sam, David, Brian, Rick, Andy and myself. All from the same church in Indiana. As we watched the need grow our hearts were broken and we knew we couldn’t just sit idly by and do nothing. As I reached out to organizations and agencies to find contact on the ground here all I heard was “we’re pulling out don’t go” For us that was unacceptable and we prayed harder. The Lord provided: contacts on the ground, an outpouring of generosity from our people, and all the travel arrangements. God paved the way. Now we ‘re here and we know why God has sent us: the needs are great and the harvest field is ripe! We are asking God to plant us as a church deeply into the soil of this place and use us in mighty ways for the saving of many souls to His ultimate glory! What more can I say…I know you get it 🙂


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