Adira is walking in peace, Out of the mouths of babes..

“Out of the mouths of babes and infants you have ordained strength to silence the enemy and the avenger” Psalm 8.2

Our friends young daughter, Clover saw the picture of tiny, frail Adira and prayed for her yesterday. She of course prayed that she would be healed but then continued saying how “she would be walking in peace with Jesus holding her”. Out of the mouths of babes. That verse sends chills down my spine everytime I read it because I know there is something so intensely fierce in that truth that I have not yet been able to comprehend. I was worried if Adira passed that many peoples faith would be weakened until I heard Clovers words. I received news that Adira is indeed walking in peace with Jesus holding her. I cried “Lord, I thought you would heal her” and immediately I felt Him say “She is”. And that picture that Clovers words painted, instantly invaded my limited understanding. I let that reality that she is in heaven and healed change from a thought in a mystical distant land to a vibrant picture of Adira bright-eyed, laughing, and wiggling around in the arms of an adoring delighted Father. I believe God used little Clover to silence the enemy who would use this to instill doubt, confusion, or anger by giving us this picture to contend with.  Please pray for Adiras father to receive a picture of his daughter in the Kings arms, he is understandably taking it very hard.

I honestly believed that I would see her healed here and that it would awaken people, grow our faith, and excite us. Gods ways really are so much higher than ours. A somberness came over me and I thought maybe we don’t need excitement. Maybe we don’t need a feel good story. Maybe we needed to connect with Adira and lose her. Maybe we need to realize people are dying, babies are dying in their fathers arms. Despite the somberness, I felt a stirring inside that Adira’s life had a powerful purpose and it was not lost. I don’t know how or when or what it will look like but I have this deep knowing and other worldy expectation that Adira has changed something in many peoples lives.

As Neville Johnson says, “Some of us have a long life and some of us ..a short one”. I believe her short 7(+9) month life will continue to have a strong and powerful impact. Maybe through her death, many will come to life, being shaken out of complacency and apathy. I don’t know what it will look like but I do know that right now she is walking in peace, with Jesus holding her.

When my husband told me Adira had passed he said ” I think it was mercy because she died a little while after we prayed for her, she is healed”. His words brought this verse to mind, which I will leave you with and I hope it brings you comfort and an understanding/trust in Gods goodness.

“The righteous perishes,
And no man takes it to heart;
Merciful men are taken away,
While no one considers
That the righteous is taken away from evil.
He shall enter into peace;
They shall rest in their beds,
Each one walking in his uprightness.”

Isaiah 57.1,2



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