Urgent Prayer Request


This is an urgent prayer request from Jeremiah. This is a little 7 month old girl who doesn’t look like she has very long. Jeremiah sounded heartbroken when he told me she looks like she could be dead. He asked that everyone would pray believing that this, her healing, will be a great testimony. They are returning to her camp tomorrow, I am praying for the next picture to be of a smiling vivacious little girl.

I dont know her name so I am calling her Adira, Arabic for strong and powerful. Its written that God gives life to the dead and calls those things that are not, as though they were (Rom 4.17). So following Christs example, let us not look at Adiras physical body, let us call her strong and powerful. She will be strong in body and in spirit, hers will be a powerful testimony that will invoke cries of praise and awe throughout the camp.

In the Bible, 1 healing brought 2 ENTIRE towns to salvation. If God does not change why cant we see this happen now with Adira? Guys and gals, he hasnt changed, Its on us to invite Him to work as He wants to.

Adira, we pray and speak this Promise to you today:
“The Lord your God in your midst,
The Mighty One, will save you;
He will rejoice over you with gladness,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.” -Zeph 3.17

Thank you all for taking time to lay down your lives in prayer for those so desperately needing to see Gods work in their midst.


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