A note from the team:

A note from Jeremiah:                                                                                       “We’ve hit the ground running over here. We’ve been delivering aid through medical treatment, essential supplies, praying for displaced families and preaching the gospel.  Security has been good. When we’ve traveled outside the city’s Kurdish security perimeter, we we’ve been graced with a few security escorts who were armed to the teeth. One IED from ISIS so far, hurt 3 people, but it was a couple miles from us and they lived…thank the Lord.  The Lord is good. We’ve seen one miraculous healing for a boy who could not walk due to a clubbed foot…he can run now! One young refugee who speaks decent English was led to the Lord 2 days ago! More will come I’m sure of it. Thanks to the donations, and the grace of God, we’ve been able to bless people with needed medical supplies, blankets, food, Arabic bibles and much more. Thank you all. Anything you can do to help, prayer most of all, would be much appreciated”


The team went outside the security checkpoints to an area with about 50 families maybe 250 to 300 refugees. The team rented part of a building for the families. The owner was there providing the team armed security while they assessed the families and Toby provided medical aid. The sanitation was horrible, waste and trash being dumped within a few feet of where they sleep, eat, and live. The owner was planning to kick a few families out unless they can pay more rent (they are living in a section that the team didn’t rent out). But it looks like the government is planning to move them all to a refugee camp hopefully within days.


Today the team went to the Syrian refugee camp with 50,000 refugees! Tents as far as the eye can see. The Syrian refugees fled Syria when ISIS started there. The team visited with a family they have befriended at the camp. Grandparents raising their grandchildren, the Grandfather has cancer on his temple and the team was able to give him Frankincense Essential Oil for it. Later in evening the team went back to the abandoned building and delivered women’s clothes and mattresses and more medical aid by Toby.


Jeremiah sent back some heartwrenching personal stories. They aren’t just feeding the refugees. The team is talking, meeting, hearing their stories and showing them they are loved, heard, and cared about.

“One of the team members prayed with a refugee woman whose husband split in the middle of the night with their youngest child and all the money when ISIS showed up. She and the rest of the kids had to flee with nothing. She broke down crying while she was prayed for, much compassion was showed for her. I think it moved her.”

“Our cook here made a ton of lamb and rice for the entire abandoned building full of people, passed out over 200 bowls of food. We ate and prayed with them and played worship with the children. They love music. Toby also offered more aid. There is a widow there whose husband was killed by ISIS, she has 4 little kids. Every time we meet someone whose family member have been killed, it’s hard. But they seem always to be moved by our compassion.”


Please continue to pray for the hearts of all those who have lost loved ones. The grief is not something I can bare to think about but I will try if that means I will be driven to cry out for the Comforter to comfort them.



2 thoughts on “A note from the team:

  1. Thank you for taking the time to share. Persist, I pray, in your devotion and commitment to live out the love, peace, and forgiveness of Jesus. May he fill you with his Spirit in each interaction, and give you wisdom.


  2. Oh, is heart breaking to read about the hurt and the lack of food and – Everything! I am soooo amazed you chose to go there to SHOW God´s love! May He bless you very, very much and give you wisdom, strength and love! May you see many miracles and people turning to Him<3 Love and prayers from Toby´s "aunt" in Sweden. I am spreading your updates over here!


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