August 22, 2014 Update (with pictures!)

The first pictures from our team have come through! The team spent yesterday in a formerly abandoned building where many Shia Muslims have settled.   They are focusing on the outskirts of town and try to find the less known, smaller camps that are often overlooked for aid.  Because they aren’t Christians, they don’t have a church charity to support them the way many of the Christian refugees do.  


This particular camp had 36 families with about 100-150 people.  Everything went great!  Towards the end, a few of the fathers got into an argument over the distribution of soccer balls for the kids, but it was resolved quickly.


The hardest part of their day was meeting a family with a malnourished 7 month old baby.  There was nothing they could do, but were able to get several church members to pray for her.  She started moving much more during and after the prayer.  They are hoping the baby’s mother will attempt to nurse her (many mothers there use formula), and expect that if she does, the baby’s condition would greatly improve.  Praying for this little girl led to praying for many more people – the mentally ill, mute, and paralyzed.  


I will close this post with a message in Jeremiah’s words:

“It felt like walking around in biblical times with all those illnesses that aren’t as common in the US.  I know the Lord touched them.  Worship in the beginning with the children and prayer for all of them in the end.  Many of them joined hands with us, even though they probably didn’t know what was going on.  They were still in the Presence.”

We are still collecting monetary donations that I will wire to them weekly. Supplies are cheaper in Iraq than here in the US, so money sent goes further than purchasing supplies here.  Please continue to pray for the two people who are still considering flying out to join this team.  Right now,we have a team of 8 people trying to help an estimated 500,000+ refugees. 


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