Countdown to Takeoff

Supplies are sprawled across the living room, overnight packages are in the mail, waiting for final reply emails to purchase the tickets, and Jeremiah is doing a final checklist as he packs. A local fundraiser brought out a small but generous group. The little hot dog fundraiser raised over $1700 so again we go to Costco to load up on eczema cream and any other requested supplies. We are going to be filling suitcases to send with our team for checked baggage as that is the only way we can get supplies into Irbil at the moment. Once we have the final count I will post how many bags we have filled with supplies. As of now we have 3 trunks full of medical supplies and electrolytes! 

Jeremiahs prayer request is for unity for the two teams as they combine and to be submitted to the Holy Spirit. They have never met but we trust it will go great because everyone going has a heart to serve. We ask for prayers for the team leaders for wisdom, humility, love, and grace to flow through them. 

We continue to agree with all of you in prayer for the refugees, those still trapped or taken captive, and for the IS members. I like this prayer for our enemies as we don’t wish their death but to be stopped and changed. “So pursue them with your tempest and frighten them with Your storm. Fill their faces with shame. That they may seek Your name, O Lord.” Psalm 83 We also ask for prayer for 3 more possible team members that if it is of God the time off from work will come and peace will flood the families. 

Items requested: a handheld home video camera to document the situation, ipod for music or arabic messages to uplift the refugees spirits, and ipod speakers. Small mp3 players to put uplifting messages on to strengthen the refugees spirits                                 Update: video camera already came through!

Thank you all for being a part of this, its an honor to serve with you. 


4 thoughts on “Countdown to Takeoff

  1. We are behind you all! Prayer, the mighty weapon of the righteous, “laying down the rails” for the mighty Holy Spirit to move, cover, and encourage, as Watchman Nee wrote.



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