Operation Do Something day 3

What a whirlwind! Here’s a peek into the ins and outs of this operation. Wake up, praying, smooch the baby, forget to eat breakfast, emails, phone calls, praying, searching how to order supplies in bulk, chasing the baby, answering phone calls, pulling chocolate out of the baby’s mouth, more phone calls, pull the baby off of climbing the bookshelf, changing diapers, more internet searching, etc.

Baby is finally asleep so I have a moment to update you for as long as I can keep my eyes open! We heard today from the doc in Irbil so I will pass along their update:

They have rented out a large building to house refugees and were able to find and purchase a van. They are traveling from refugee camp to refugee camp providing as much aid as they are able. They are short on supplies and short on people as there are literally only a handful of them.

The top needs are for pain killers, stronger than Tylenol, electrolytes (many people are dehydrated), cortisone and eczema creams, insulin and Arabic Bibles. They said many of the refugees have diabetes, eczema, and kidney stones. We are in the process of purchasing (thanks to every $ that was donated!!) $3000 in medical supplies, $1000 worth of electrolytes, and we are hoping to have enough for a bulk order in the Bibles.

One problem we are running into is shipping. We were told that DHL packages have been halted in Dubai due to the dangerous situation and we are unsure of UPS. Hopefully the packages start moving again soon. In the meantime we are going to see how many checked bags the airline will let our team take over. Unfortunately, its $75-100 per bag but we have no other way as of now and it is our only chance to have some supplies sent in with our travelers.

Thank you very much for all the emails and prayers. Its only day 3 and I am exhausted but my husband is blazing on like a champ getting everything in order. Many thanks also to Jamie, Robin, and others who are checking on bulk prices and details with the airlines and my sister and mother for babysitting precious Judah so we can eat dinner.

How you can help:                                                                                                                            Advice or contacts/hook ups with purchasing bulk arabic handheld new testaments, Trace Minerals Electroyltes, and any contacts with Airlines that will fly this into Irbil. We can contact the team to pick it up at the airport. Thanks!


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