Day 4

Today as been another busy whirlwind. Many, many calls and dead ends. We requested prayer and tried again and we were able to get Bibles ordered, we purchased 4,500 packets of the best electroyltes (not full of sugar and crap!) from Trace Minerals Research Company (they also donated!) and have got an order sent in for $2500 worth of medical supplies.  The clinic has also informed us that the refugees over there have boken bones, injuries, tooth aches, etc and all they have at the clinic is Tylenol . So we are working on pain killers also. We are continuing to try to raise the funds to fill and pay for as many checked bags as the airlines will allow to send with the first 2 men leaving from our team this Monday-Tuesday. Many supplies, food, water, and any buildings to house the refugees can be purchased/rented in Irbil, Iraq so we are setting a goal of raising and sending off $20,000. It sounds crazy but we believe it can be done. 

Thank you all for your prayers and donations. We are so eager to see the bags unpacked and passed out to the refugees asap! You can help by sharing this link on your Facebook or anywhere you can. We also welcome any advice or connections with getting airlines to send these items to Irbil as of now DHL packages have been halted in Dubai and will not make it to the refugees in Irbil and additional checked bags look to be about $100 per bag. please continue to hold the refugees in your prayers, we cannot imagine what they are going through but as soon as we have some reports from our team we will share it with you so you can have better insight into the situation.



Jeremiah & Amanda


One thought on “Day 4

  1. So proud of you and will be praying for you. What a great experience and what a wonderful way to serve the Lord.
    Blessings and love Colleen


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