The situation in Iraq and ways to help (my husband is flying there)

The helpless commits himself to You; You are the helper of the fatherless, break the arm of the wicked and the evil man; seek out his wickedness until You find none. Psalm 10.14-15

I Just flipped to that as I was asking God what to say, what to do? The situation in Iraq, Syria, and many places around the world is dark. My heart hurts, my stomach turns just to type it …beheading children, raping women, crucifying men in the witness it and have it at my door is not something I can comprehend but I am trying to. I’m trying this, please try with me, turning off my phone, unplugging the TV, shutting of the air conditioner, and imagining that  we have fled our home, our bed, our food, our clothes, our memories. Our town is overrun by a murderous evil. Our sister, mother, and young daughters were taken to be married off and used mercilessly by these men. We don’t know where they are. We have our other starving children with us, we are sleeping on this desert floor with only the clothes on our backs surrounded by weeping, broken families. Our husbands fate…Crucified, tortured, sawn in half, shot in the face? We don’t know.

We are trying to do this to shatter our comfort and let the Lord drive us to sincere, strategic action, whether that be praying, raising awareness, or for a few…flying over there. We have been praying, burdened for months now by a heavy heart and only now, that we see the effects of ISIS, do we understand why. Last week my husband felt stirred to action. He served in the United States Marine Corps, has his EMT certification, has been on 10 deployments to either Iraq or Afghanistan, and worked in personal protective security overseas. We often wondered why he was receiving such great training, for what purpose? Well a few days ago he said “I want to go help”. We immediately prayed that if it was Gods will that He would open the door. The next day, the door opened. He is leaving as soon as Thursday (8-14-14).

Jeremiah, my husband, will be traveling to Irbil, Iraq. There are 400,000 refugees now, many sleeping in the streets. He will be working with a small team over there (less than 10 people) who have a clinic and are trucking in supplies. Despite the fact that ISIS has encroached to less than 10 minutes away, they are there serving. The team has inspired us by their amazing hearts to serve. Jeremiah will be showing up with a willing heart and seeing how the Lord leads. I will be at home with our almost 1 year old (Happy Birthday Judah Gideon!) hosting prayer meetings daily and doing a drive for care packages to send to the refugees.

How to help: Prayers of Faith are truly the most effective thing we can ask for. Please pray for the crisis organization and their members overseas along with the many, many refugees in such a dangerous situation. Also, please keep our friend Steve and his ministry (he helped to start this in a big way on our end) in your prayers, bless him.

You can also donate below. Everything will be going to the mission: covering the ($1800-$2000) tickets for Jeremiah and any other volunteers God sends, purchasing medical supplies, equipment, food, water, shipping costs etc…My husband is the only one working in our home so when he leaves our income stops, but we are trusting the Lord to provide and bless my endeavors to work from home. We are only going to use the donations for the refugees, but if you feel led to help cover bills at home (for us and any other volunteers families) please designate that in the comments. We are confident that God has us covered though.

For any questions or to pray with us you can reach us via Email:


14 thoughts on “The situation in Iraq and ways to help (my husband is flying there)

  1. I am in a wheelchair with MS. But we live in a small town. If I were to go up town and seek contributions for you. Could you send some info to me so that I could have checks made out to you, and to send them to. I am praying over this for Gods blessing. Thank You, Rex Peterson

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  2. Jehovah God bless your family in the name of Jesus the Messiah. What courage, and what Faith. If those of Jesus Messiah would stop playing Church and LIVE IT….The world would be shaken once again…… and that is EXACTLY what will happen again very soon when the Body of Jesus Christ worldwide AWAKENS!

    Come Lord Jesus for your Bride, protect the weak, and awaken the world with the POWER of Jesus Christ- the living GOD!

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  3. This situation should remind all of us of two stories from the Bible. The first story is the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt with Moses. The second story was of Joseph and Mary escaping from King Herod with the baby Jesus.
    God’s miracles made sure they made it to safety.
    I encourage ALL people to remember what it must be like to flee in fear and lose everything, as well as loved ones. Become their miracle. Make your life matter. DONATE! It could be you in the situation or a loved one.

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  4. Everybody get on the horn, spread the word, situation in Iraq needs Divine help.
    We also need to pray for our dear brothers & sisters in Iran and all who are being persecuted for Jesus!


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  5. It is a privilege to assist you and your husband in this endeavor for the Saints in Iraq. While prayer support is key, it is awful to feel so helpless in being able to provide tangible assistance. God bless your husband, and your family as you make this sacrifice/commitment. Please let Jeremiah know he will be in our prayers as will you and your little one. God bless and protect you and those on the team in-country!! Keep us posted so that we can pray specifically!!! Maranatha, indeed!!

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  6. God Bless you and your family! Compassion is what we need as the body of Christ in order to have the truth of the Gospel spread! I can see your families compassion through the sacrifice being made by your husband. I will be in prayers for the current situation and your family!


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