Operation Do Something

Just last week my husband was studying for his History Final and we were talking about a little family camping trip. My husband came home from working overseas when my health crashed and my back went out, he has been going to school the last semester while he uses the GI Bill for our income. So just last Wednesday we were celebrating all A’s on his finals and he was choosing his courses for the next semester. Things changed so quickly. Its not even the next Wednesday and he is making nonstop phone calls, emails, and getting ready to pack his bags for Iraq. 

This is happening so quickly and the outpouring of support is amazing. A friend spent hours of his time researching good radios for us to purchase and send to the team so they have comunication with each other. My mom is coming to help with our baby so I can write and email updates. My dear friend Rachel is organizing a drive for supplies to send to the refugees. Churches have committed to pray. We are already forwarding the first $1000 to send directly to an organization (maybe the only one left in Irbil) to purchase food, water, and hygiene products so they get to the refugees as quickly as possible. Just now a practicing paramedic rearranged his entire schedule and joined the team.

Operation do something is just doing what we can in anyway we can no matter the sacrifice. Everyone can do something. The smallest action done in love makes an incredible impact whether we feel or see the results. This crisis and these crimes against humanity has awakened us to the need to live out love starting in our homes. My husband was my hero before all of this because he apologizes when he may be hurtful and does so even if I was disrespectful and deserved it, he is my hero because he lays his life down in the ways that are the hardest like staying up when he is tired because i need to talk. He is inspiring me to get my head out of my butt and start saying no to my selfishness and yes to my neighbor no matter how close or far they may be. It might just be taking in your neighbors trash can in can for them or it might be flying across the country with a backpack of granola bars to give to hungry children. 

        “Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.”                                                               -Mother Teresa


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